Watch Your Health with Broccoli
Watch Your Health with Broccoli

Watch Your Health With Broccoli

When you lack a good health then life seems not to be easy and smooth. The dearth of good health makes everything else miserable and as a result only pain remains .

Then at that moment everyone hunt for a Light of Hope , and Yes that hope is no one else but The Broccoli.

What a comeback of this hated vegetable !! Indeed, you need to watch your health with broccoli benefits. Consequently, the unknown benefits of broccoli will amaze you.

Lets move towards on how to actually guide your health with not so popular veggie – Broccoli.

Watch Your Health With Broccoli

Broccoli Benefits

Broccoli is considered to be a bone health super-food, for instance. Most importantly , it has a high level of calcium and vitamin-K .

It has other goodness like magnesium , zinc , copper, potassium etc, however the mantra of “The fresher the better” applies to broccoli .

Well perhaps , surprisingly its benefits will definitely improve your health . Therefore, release all your overwhelmed stress .

Watch Your Health With Broccoli

Noticeable benefits of broccoli:

  1. Cancer Prevention
  2. Control Acid Re-flux and reduce inflammation
  3. Blood Sugar control for diabetic people
  4. Support heart health in multiple ways
  5. Promotes Healthy Digestion and prevents H.Pylori

How to make Broccoli veggie | Our top Broccoli recipe

Besides being healthy vegetable there is a by-default assumption that broccoli is a boring veggie.

Well guys “Hold Your Heart” now, as i am going to reveal some magical and delicious recipe of this little green-genie vegetable .

Roasted Broccoli

Roasted Broccoli served with olive oil

Baking of broccoli in oven is as crispy as french fries !! After baking , stir it with some brown garlic cooked in olive oil and serve it with some squeeze of lemon juice .

This will truly make your mouth feel tangy. People suffering from acidic issue can skip the lemon.

Almond Broccoli

Broccoli with other veggies and nuts

The taste of fried garlic broccoli is irresistible and exceptionally good. Mix boiled broccoli with olive oil , mustard seed , curry leaves and the almond paste, it is a full savory in addition with some salt to taste. This is beneficial for everyone, hence it’s a must try dish.

Broccoli Omelette

Broccoli with egg

When egg and broccoli is cooked together , it gives a taste of light and airy texture as fluffy as cloud.

Chop the boiled broccoli into small pieces which seems to be like crushed. Blend it with egg , onion and a salt to taste. Cook it for 5-8 minutes in low flame and that’s it.

With so many interesting recipes to try , this green-flower florets does not deserve to be disliked any longer. In Conclusion, Happy Eating 🙂

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