5 Fashion tip for dark skin


5 Fashion Tips For Dark Skin Guys.

Outfits Colours.

You won’t believe but darker skin tone is best. Why? because darker skin tone guys can wear almost any tone of colour.

Colours To Avoid.

you should avoid too bright colours like parrot green, bright yellow, etc. instead go for a lighter tone of colour. bright colour doesn’t go well with your skin tone.

colour to avoid.

Colour Combination.

warm colour with cool colours, earthy tones with white classic black and white are great combination to have in hand.

keep exp. with different colour to find best combination that suits your skin.

color you should try.


the trend of eccentric socks is a hard one to master. but guys with dark skin tones were born to embrace it!

make sure to try quirky socks with your formal clothing.


follow fashion model who have same style and similar skin tone as yours. you can take outfit inspiration and learn about colour matching from them

follow same tone fashion model.

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