Stop saying that No one cares for me,

No one Loves me,

No one Likes Me,

No One respects Me,


 Do you care for yourself? Do you love yourself?

Do you like anything about yourself?

Do you respect yourself?

You will find the answer— NO !!!! then why will anyone do it when you are not comfortable with you , when you

don’t love yourself.

People will also start respecting you, love you etc, when you do the same with you and you change your attitude then people will also.

And if they don’t, who cares, be yourself and enjoy your life.

Crying, …….. doesn’t solve the problem……. Be strong and involve yourself in doing some productive work or do whatever you like… Dancing, singing, drawing, Reading, studying.

It’s time to show others not to cry. I know it’s not that easy to do but not impossible.


DISTRACTION: Try to distract yourself from those things and try to involve in new things, make new friends, go on trip with friends or solo, chit chat with friends

 In place of moving away from the situation, face it, it will make you strong

PHYSICAL APPROACH: Groom yourself, go on shopping for yourself, and engage you in some kind of physical activities to shift your focus to your sense of touch

GIVE YOURSELF A HARD PINCH: If you can hide your Hands, MS Driver Suggested: “Simply pinch the skin between your thumb and pointer finger, and voila, you will instantly stop crying.”

If you have tried all the things and don’t able to get out of your emotion, Consult a doctor, its not a big thing to consult a doctor for mental peace

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Swati Krishna
Swati Krishna
Hello Friends,
Very Excited to start my blog. My name is Swati Krishna and by profession I am a "Software Developer". I am very Interested in making creative things , handmade gift Items and also help my friends in surprise plan for their Loved ones. I am very excited to write the blog.

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