Issues and Solution of Marriage Life
Issues and Solution of Marriage Life

Issues and Solution of Marriage Life

Marriage, especially in India is considered to be very Scared.  But in some cases, once you are married, you will have to do a lot of effort to uphold your marriage either You are happy in it or not, but you will have to try your best till you can play it.

This might be because of difference in thought between the Coupals. Both have different point of view , different Opinion and different thought process, and actually it’s normal, its not possible that two differnt person have same thought and everything.

And this is what the actual issue is. Lets discuss the things One by One.

1. Love or Arrange Marriage

Issues and Solution of Marriage Life

It’s not about how you get married, either love or arrange, It’s about how you handle the situation and how understanding you and your partners are. It totally depends on that….. not on your luck.

You need to understand your point of view to make your marriage comfortable and long life. It’s very obvious that it should be from both sides but if your partner is not like that then you need to need to be a good listener too, to understand his point also and make him understand that how this will affect the situation.

2. Listner and Talk with Your Partner ( Communication)

Communication gap is the reason for fight in couple

Have a frank and understandable conversation with your partner to listen to your partner’s thoughts and make him/her understand your thought also. It should be a polite and friendly conversation….. not a Harsh and Dominating Conversation.

If you are not able to start the topic for how to start the communication then just give 15 minutes of your time to your partner and sit around them, that will also help you to start some shot of maybe useless or important communication.

3. Money

Issues and Solution of Marriage Life

No matter how much we say money does not matter, but we also know that money plays a very important role in life.

All you need is to make a plan for your work and other things according to your requirement like trips, expenses in the month, where to invest etc , It will help you to manage your life smoothly based on your Income. And it will also help you spend some time with your partner and to know about their thought process and priorities.

4 Put the relationship ahead of everything.

Issues and Solution of Marriage Life

It’s very important that your partner is happy, either wife or husband, it will help you both to make your family including parents, children, etc happy.

So if you get a chance to make your partner feel like she/he is at the top level of your priority then what’s wrong with that…Isn’t it? The only thing matters here is to make the opposite person feel that how important she/he is to you.

5. Time

Time management in a relationship

Nowadays, we all are very busy making our career no matter which sex we belong to. And it’s actually very important, everyone has the right to be self-dependent. But in this lifestyle, we have forgotten about our family, husband, child, wife, etc, which is equally important as a career.

All we should know about is to manage time. Family, life, partner, child are equally important to a Career. We all should know is “TIME MANAGEMENT”,

Either you are into Business or Job, you need to manage the time, either on weekends or weekdays with small-time like snacks time or dinner time, etc.

6. Stop taking one-another for granted.

Appreciate for partners efforts. solve your marriage issue

Everyone needs appreciation, words like  “Thank you“, “So Happy for You”, “Tasty food”, “Nice food“, “appreciated” etc( according to the situation),  will take nothing from you but it will leave a great impact on your partner. That will means a lot to them. You should appreciate His/her effort either for the smaller or bigger things, which is not important. The thing which matters is they want to make you happy and try something for you.

These all are the my point of view, but if the situation is worse then you can Get a councellor, and stay connect to them, tell them the situation and get the solution, they will advice you the best way to solve your problems.

You can leave your feedback to us, We will try to reply on your problem issue if any.

Best of luck for your married life.

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