Style mistake every teen makes |Guide on teens fashion


Stop copying outfit or style from your friends. You can take inspiration and learn but do not copy.

work on your style and personality to make it better.

twins with same style


Sticking with sneakers is something you shouldn’t be doing. Don’t be afraid of trying different footwears like chelsea boots, loafers, etc.

blue nike sneakers


Not trying new hairstyles. make sure to try new hairstyle during your teenage to find the best one.

You don’t have much restrictions during teen age.


Big Logos

Are you fan of big brands?

teenagers make this very common mistake.avoid wearing tees with big logos or too many logos.

big logo with t shirt


Using too much of perfume or cologne is a huge mistake. two to four sprays are more than enough. unless you want everyone around you to start sneezing.


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