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How Do You Get a Girl’s Number? |The Art of Dating

Now the situation is girl know you and you also know her but you are not friends. you both know each other by instagram , facebook or maybe she is in collage/ school /office.

Build trust.


first you have to build a good friendship and trust with her. so how you do it?

start talking in person. she can avoid you on instagram or facebook but she will never ignore you in person .

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start talking on that thing(work, shows,) which can relate both of you. so she will show her interest in talking to you.

show little-bit care ask that you seem so tired are you okay? or you can ask that i am so hungry have you eat anything? and ask her to go canteen with you.

asking for number

sometimes give her small-small compliment. don’t be cheesy.

Don’t rush.

Too many boys hurry to ask for numbers.

read her response to your closeness is she drawing closer in return or puling away?

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Break touch barrier when you crack any joke give her high five. don’t do it with bad intention.

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tell her that you enjoy her. for example you can say i think you’re really an amazing person and i like being around you”

when you say this with confidence , this will make her heart flutter if she feels attracted to you!

Make your move.

having conversation with girl

Once you crossed all these steps, you can get her phone number anytime. don’t make any excuse to ask her number.

propose girl

simply hand her your cell phone, and say… “hey, let me get your number.” OR

you can say, ” I really would love to take you to xyz… let me get your number,”

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