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How To Start Conversation With Girl On Social Media

Hello guys, so we are here with our first blog on dating and relationship

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There are some point you should keep in your mind before start conversation with girl or before messaging her.

Don’t look like a desperate guy.

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Here desperate means don’t message her continuously even don’t message her directly she will never check your message she has already millions of message in her DM box or inbox.

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and please don’t like her all uploaded pics and videos. Many guys think after this girl will talk to them . don’t do it.

How to start.

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SO this is our main question that how to give a kick start in conversation. you can reply her on her story or status by reply means dont send her hyy, hello, .Ask her a question, a genuine question about her story.

For example you can ask “ohh that is very nice location to hangout with friend where is this location ” if she reply then ask ohh very nice location you live here?

let’s take one more example

instagram conversation with girl
instagram chat conversation

if she uploads any song and poster of movie then reply her “have you seen it ? when she reply. Don’t ask her One word answer type question. try to know her interest, what she like about movie sport and get some knowledge about that thing.

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if you like this blog let me know in comment question . i will post next part of this blog if you like it.

Thank You for more blogs

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