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How To Be Happy In A Relationship : Happy Relationship guide

Hello guys here we are with our new blog “how to be happy in a relationship ” . This blog is not only for boys . In this blog we will discuss some reasons why most of us is not happy in a relationship .


This is the first and main reason you should stop doing . It will ruin your relationship in seconds. OK now why should we do that ? Most of us feel very strong for someone and we do great things to make her/him happy or anything but then we hope that he/she will do something for us .

expectation in relationship

Have you ever heard that quotes ” hope is a bitch” this is the best quotes to explain my point.

If you do something for return then don’t do it.

Sometimes the situation is reversed.



Don’t make someone or anyone your first priority because it will hurt you like hell. your first choice should always be you not anyone else . Always put yourself first .


overthinking in relationship

 It can ruin your relationship more than you can imagine. I am not saying you should just let loose and not think about anything but constant worrying will bring you nothing but a headache.

When you overthink your relationship, you tend to create a problem where there isn’t one. You focus on one element of your relationship and look and look and look until you find something to get upset about.

sometimes you create a person who feel very strong for you but in real life the person doesn’t a give a crap. So start living in real life and accept the truth.

People who has a tag of friendzone by someone are expert in this.

Are We Clear.

fight in realtionship

If you want a happy relationship tell her/his every thing. Stop hiding things for her/his because when they will find out it can lead you to a fight or maybe breakup . start asking instead of stalking and being a detective . If something keep bothering you simply ask her/his and find out a mutual solution .


argument in relationship

Maybe many of you don’t agree with me on this point . stop asking her/his password of social media if you think that your partner will cheat you guys trust me you can’t stop his/her . You can’t put restriction on someone relationship is all about freedom and love . and have faith in your partner, don’t try to be a dominative one this is not love.

so guys this is it. I hope you all can relate with this blog and i hope you all like this blog. click here for other blogs

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