Short Guys Fashion Tips| 5 Short Man Style Secret

Hello once again with my new blog today i will tell 5 fashion tips for short guys.


Guys with stripes design shirt

Use vertical strips for your advantage. vertical stripes can help you to look taller and slim. Avoid big check pattern clothing. Also try dots pattern shirts, tees.

Dark Trouser.

Hanging trousers on wall

If you,re short, you might be having short legs. you don,t want to highlight your legs by wearing light or bright color trousers. instead go for dark color trousers.

Avoid Baggy.

Boy with loose clothes

Baggy clothing is something you need to avoid. avoid loose clothes beacause it can make you look even more short. wear slim fit clothing.


Boys with shorts at the bank of sea

You can definitely wear shorts but avoid shorts but avoid shorts with pockets. length of shorts should be above your knee. long and baggy shorts can make you look short.


Boy with white sneakers

Avoid bright colors in footwear. if you,re using loafers then go for loafers with heels. you can go for sneakers with thick sole but footwear should not be too bilky

so these are the 5 fashion tips for short guys to look taller , good and attractive


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