Tamally Maak – Amr Diab Translation English

Tamally maak – i am always with you .

We law hata baeed any – and even when you are far from me .

Fe Alby hawak – your love is in my heart .

Tamally maak – i am always with you.

Tamally Fe baly  we Fe Alby – you are always in my mind and heart.

Wala bansak – and i nevet forget you .

Tamally waheshny – i am always missing you .

Low hata akoon waiak – even when i am with you.

Whole paragraph double .

Tamally habibi bashtaklak – always my love , i am missing you .

Tamally enaya tendahlak – always my eyes are calling you .

We law hawalaya kol ek koon – and even if the whole world is around me.

Bakon ya habibi mehtaglak – i ‘ ll still say my love , i need you .

Whole paragraph Double .

Tamally maak – i am always with you.

Maak Alby , maak rohy – my Heart is with you , my soul is with you .

Ya aghla Habib – my precious love .

Ya aghla Habib – my precious love.

We mahma tekoon baeed any – and no matter how far you are from me .

Le Alby Areeb – you’re always in my heart  

Ya omary el hai wel hader – you’re my life and future .

Ya ahla naseeb – you are the best destiny

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  1. Thank! Shulman! For sharing the lyrics to this song loved the phonetic translation so we may be able to sing along with this beautiful song.

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