Everyone love doing things that makes them feel happy.

I used to do cool things earlier and i am doing what i like to do it just makes me feel great.

Many people have there own set of choices and preferences that they share with themselves. They do it in a world that even closest one is not aware of, but when they are in trouble they afraid of reviling the things.

Well to get over the feeling of not opening up to the world start sharing your hobbies and this will help you to get a clear picture of your own personality.

When it comes to me, what i like to do :

  • I used to love scathing with pencil and create new characters.
  • Most of the time i used spend with art craft and small electronic equipment.
  • I also used to write stories and read books essays and watch creative videos.
  • I had a great interest in astronomy that is because these stars and heavenly bodies used to excite me a lot.
  • Some times i love to experiment with things nearby me and that may include electronics, chemicals, thoughts, environment, findings and many stuffs.
  • Slowly i got a chance to get connected to the internet world and simply i got interest in this like no where else.
  • The internet brought me to the entirely new world, this gives almost all the great stuffs that you may need to experiment.
  • So i then started leaning how internet and computer works.
  • I was unaware of the fact that i have entered in a new dimension of the knowledge where sharing this are so much easy and learning is a continuous achievement of this new ecosystem.
  • All these happenings excited me to devote maximum time in finding great stuffs.
  • Here i learned about computers, machines,electronics,sensors,data,communication,programming,server administration,real time communication,robotics,websites,services,web applications,mobile applications and so on..


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  1. It’s really nice Yara…loved to read and remembered past moments of mine. When time passes we don’t realise but when actually that becomes past, we remember sweet memories..

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