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5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

If you want to be a master don’t be limited to studying just what your curriculum tells you to go beyond. Today you will get to know which 5 ways social media is affecting your mental health.

Because before any of those things we need to take a good hard look at one of the main blocks that most of us have when it comes to achieving our true potential in life.

And It’s not just above how we revise or the specific ways we learn or anything like that.
It’s for more simple and that thing is social media addiction.

Let’s be honest many of you are addicted. If you want to be motivated if you want to make a difference to the world if you want to be a remarkable student just remove the obstacles and distractions from your path.

So, let’s understand together what are 5 ways that social media affecting your mental health :

1. Social media link to mental illness

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

There is a link between social media and mental illness :

  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety

As a human being we have fundamental needs to relate under belong recent decade with the development of all these technologies all of these apps all of these smartphones there is a rapid rise of being able to access the internet at any given moment of being able to communicate at any given moment.

And so the way that we use Social Media the way we use the internet is dramatically changed. And with it our primal brains they have not.

Social media platforms are everywhere and they are so easy to access.

But staying focused doing that essay or assignment that work done that you are supposed to do that stays hard.

Social media addiction has been found to be associated with a host of emotional relational health and performance problems.

2. Social media change your brain

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

Social media websites and apps are designed similar to slot machines at a casino.

Every notification causes your brain to release dopamine.

We are being conditioned to always be reactive.
Always be waiting for the next ding ping or notification from our mobile phone.

There are studies that have been shown there are programmers who have openly designed by the same people who design gambling machines in your local casino.

Every time you play on a slot machine you are waiting for the next novelty waiting for the next hit of dopamine.

And when you flick your phone down to refresh your feed to see the latest post the latest video is the same thing at play.

So, be careful the way you use these apps because it’s changing the structure of your brain.

3. The spotlight effect

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

When we hesitate on one thing for too long, we tend to overestimate the risk involved.

When you hesitate for five seconds or more when you are supposed to sit down and focus for the next two hours but you look at Instagram, YouTube, Facebook whatever your app is, and then you are lost for half an hour looking at what other people are doing.
And this brings me to point number four.

4. Unreal Expectations

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

A majority of people only post positive things and accomplishments on social media.

By comparing your life to someone else’s social media, you can become disillusioned with reality.

When you judge your own life against the friend in your class or the colleague at work how is that making you feel.

Because more aware of how you talk to yourself how you react when you are feeding your mind and your heart with all of these things.

5. Digital Minimalism

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

The more you seek validation on social media the more people you are beholden to.

Restrict the amount of time you see social media by using apps and other tools.

The more you seek that validation the more masters you serve and that determines it messes width your mind you seek interaction.

But digital like it gives you nothing. You can’t compare thirty likes to 30 seconds of a warm hug from your favorite person in this world.

So you feel empty and you end up chasing more and more hits.
And studies show that there are links to the brain of drug addicts and social media addicts.

Tools to help you

1. Disable all notification

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

You are less distracted you are less likely to check when your phone tells you that you want to check.

2. Tailor your feeds

5 Ways social media is affecting your mental health and free tools

You don’t have to get rid of social media. It’s not a negative thing but you need to be aware of its dangers.

Don’t follow negative people or unrealistic lifestyles and celebrities that are positive stuff that’s going to get you distracted in any way shape or form.

Find people who give you nutrition and not addiction

3. Control our motion

On phone, you can now set time to restrict the amount you look at the phone per day.

One of the things I have also like to do when you are working always put your phone out of sight in another room.

That way you are not going to look at your phone you are not going to see the light flashing that there’s another notification working for you.

4. Ask yourself why do I use social media

Is it because everyone else is using it. Or is it because it helps me to achieve my goals. Be international be a cause, not an effect.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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