Why are covid cases increasing again in India? 4 Reasons

Why are covid cases increasing again in India? 4 Reason for increase in Covid cases in India. Today, India recorded the highest number of cases in the world and beat the previous highest record of the US. Today Covid has completed its one cycle. The situation was dangerous last year and now it has become worse. Are you among those watching the increasing number of Covid cases day by day and reacting like OOOO? But we have forgotten that this situation has arisen because of us.

Let’s understand the aspect of how are we responsible for a daily increasing number of cases. Why are covid cases increasing again in India? 4 Reasons:

1. Gathering Of a Large Number Of People:

Why the sudden rise in cases in India?

Nowadays we are seeing many people gathering in political rallies, Kumbh Mela, Mahakumbh, celebrations. It is playing a very important role in increasing the number of cases day by day. India is registering the highest number of cases in a single day. India is breaking the world’s highest record every day.

If you recall, last year the US was recording the highest number of cases and now the situation is under control. Originally, it was caused by political rallies and riots. This has made America the most damaging country in the last year. And now the same situation is with India. Here we can do only one thing so that we can save our life from the corona.

  • Taking vaccine on time
  • Stay at home 
  • Eat healthily

2. How to wear the mask : 

How to wear the mask

If you are watching the news or going to your weekly market to buy vegetables, you get to see how they are wearing a mask. Some people wear masks without covering their noses and some put their masks on the neck, hanging from the back ear, and some keep them in their pocket. I don’t know why they are doing this and I don’t even know what they think?

They should remember that if they are wearing masks, they are protecting them from viruses and others. But they forget, I don’t know why. Whenever we have to go out somewhere, we should wear a mask that covers our nose and mouth.

3. Fashionable mask : 

Fashionable mask

Now masks have also become a part of fashion. Because you will see many people who know the quality or safe of wearing such masks. People wear masks according to the combination of their clothes. And that makes it a little dangerous, what is important now? is the quality of protecting against fashionable masks or viruses. That is obviously the quality to protect against viruses. So, in the end, I would say that the mask is important not fashion. We can do this on another day when the situation will be normal. Now, life is important. Stay safe stay healthy

4. Negligence of Corona : 

Negligence of Corona

If you remember, the number of cases starting from early March 2021 to April 2021 has decreased and single-day cases were lower, making people think that Corona is now under control. And they start socializing, a large number of people at the ceremony and the most important thinking is that Corona is gone and we have 2 vaccines. It has turned people into over-confident.

Now India itself is breaking the single highest day cases in the world. Now the situation has become worse. It is time to understand the corona is on the peak which is increasing day by day.

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