How to develop good habits in life?
How to develop good habits in life?

How to develop good habits in life?

Habits are absolutely critical because we have habits that we have planned out and we want to do? Unfortunately, most of the habits are done automatically.

When we do want to break free of them even though we know it’s not serving us, we don’t want to do it why?

Because of habit.

It is an atomic habit. Atomic habit is all about recognizing the bad habit in your life and helping you set up the right habits, habits that serve you.
Habits that will help you be more specific resilient.

Let’s begin with 6 ways to develop good habits in life…..

1. The smallest habits can have the biggest effect

How to develop good habits in life?

The smallest habit can have the most profound effect on your life. Imagine for a second a flight that’s taking off from Delhi to Mumbai.

Flights going up. It’s crushing. Things are going well. But the pilot just decides to shift things like a foot and a half, not much.

What do you think happens by the time you want to hit your destination in Mumbai?

Well, when you get off that plane you are gonna be very surprised to find that you are not in Mumbai. But instead, you are in Gujrat, and you say, well Ryan how is that possible?

He moved it may be just like two feet. How is that possible?

Because what happens is when you make small changes over the long haul. It creates a big impact. You will not even notice it. Nobody in that plane will notice the change.

You made that small change and you saw it through It change or you ended up So why do I tell you that story?

I tell you this story because it is the small habits that you create today that will drive lasting change for might not notice it, and because we don’t notice it that is often why we stop.

And why we say this new habit doesn’t serve me well no. Remember the flight from Delhi to Mumbai?

It is going to throw you in Gujrat because you just made a small little shift. You are trying to save up money, you put ₹ 500 rupees away every single week.

You put away ₹10 a week whatever. You put a small amount of many down every single week.

2.Habits are automatic Behaviours learned from Experience

How to develop good habits in life?

When you come home late at night. Your house is dark what do you do when the first walk in the door? You look for the light switch and you turn on. That is an automated behavior. That is a habit.

Behavior that gives satisfying consequences tends to be repeated until they become automatic. Now, what is incredibly important for us to know because it helps us understand habits more?

It helps us understand that if there is a reward and if we recognize the rewarded our habit is a greater chance of sticking.

When we talk about it. Habits beings with a cue walking into a dark room. It cues you to perform an action that’s going to enable you inside the room because you have this craving for change.

3. Have hard to miss cues and a plan of action

How to develop good habits in life?

When your phone goes off What do you do? You pick up the phone Obviously it is a response.

You go ahead. You look at it. There you go. You get rid of your fear of missing out. That we are hard to miss one of the easiest things you can do is change your surroundings, change the environment you are in to encourage a more healthy habit.

4. You are motivated by the anticipated reward.

How to develop good habits in life?

You don’t want to go to the gym. How do we use this technique of temptation bundling to help form a new habit?

What about the music listen to? What if you only allow listening to a contain album contain music when you sent it to the gym.

You could not wait to go to the gym because you can’t wait to listen to that music. Would you get certain podcasts, but you only allow yourself to listen to them when you go to the gym?

Temptation bundling. Find pleasurable activity. Something that supports you and ties that to something maybe is not so fun to do. The gym temptation bundling is a very important technique that we by to make use of.

5. Make you easy to adopt the habits

How to develop good habits in life?

If you want to create a new habit make the habit as very easy as possible. Forming new habits that are easy sometimes it just takes no effort.

Pick up the phone scrolling through and create that habit of every time it goes ding and I go ahead and I look at my notification. It does not take any effort to do.

And yet I spent hours upon hours on my phone every single week. Here is a new technique.

Reduce friction. If you are trying to form a new habit reduce the friction that prints you form doing it.

And it is a way to make any new activity feel manageable. The two minutes drill say listen, If you are trying to go to the gym or you are trying to just read more, go commit to the bare bones.

Once you have read two pages, you will likely to continue. The rule recognizes that simply getting started it the first and most important step towards doing something right.

6. Make your habits immediately satisfying

How to develop good habits in life?

This is an interesting one because I have always looked at habit not to be immediately satisfying, but I looked at the long term. I looked at where I was going, why I looked at where I was going, why I was doing it, and that vision that direction I was going in.

That’s what fueled my habits. If we want to form a new habit, I need to be immediately satisfied. So what are you doing to make your new habit immediately satisfying?

You go to the gym today, but you don’t lose weight overnight. It takes time.


So when you are pursuing habits with a delayed return, try to attach some immediate gratification to them.

Spoken by Ryan Caligiuri

_Atomic Habits “written by James Clear

I hope this is helpful for you , Thank you

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