marriage decision without father


Marriage Decision without Father

“Papa ki pari” “Father’s princes”

The biggest decision of my life and my father is not with me. Today, my wedding is going to be final. But I am totally confused that I should marry this guy or I should say yes to someone else.

Marriage/Wedding is the Most Important and toughest decision of everyone’s life, especially for a girl. Because in our society even today, no matter how much the girl may do anything, either in studies or work, but in 95 % of cases she has to compromise.

So today I am going to share with you how badly I am missing my father. Probably it would not have been too difficult for me to take such a toughest decision today if my father was with me .……

Marriage decision without father, thoughts during taking marriage decision

* If you are not going for marriage, then the most important thing is the Groom. You can’t thing deep for to whom you should choose as you don’t have that experience of life and Your Father has all the experience of they, they know you and also the world every well as compare to you.

Marriage decision without father, thoughts during taking marriage decision

* In case of arrange marriage, you has less option to choose, who will be best for you. In every case you have to compromise, but the main point is what and how much.

* What to choose, boys nature, Family mentality, Location, Job, Business, money, these are a big Confusion and Most of the girls are facing the same issue. But if there is something who understands you and can help you to make your decision, Isn’t it great.

If I am talking about today’s generation, every girl have their ambition and everyone have their choice of living but why most of the families need someone who must be educated but she has live like them, I think everyone should have the freedom to their own way.

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