Kashmir Article 370
Kashmir Article 370

How New Article-370 surge Indian Kashmir and why it matters

Hey what  if I order you to live in a four cornered house in a curfew environment for a long period of time without internet & cut off  all the telecommunication !! Will You accept the captivation or  raise your voice against my feudal terms?? Presently , over 7 million Kashmiris were forced to stay indoors after revocation of Article 370 in 2019. Restrictions... everywhere we go.  In truth,  The Indian lawmakers scrapped Article 370 . They reshaped Kashmir by revoking the special privileges granted to Indian administered Kashmir. It has laid the foundation for another decade . Kashmir has many stories to tell and Article 370 is one of them. Come let’s get a little more dell and decide yourself whether its a political agenda or a good war campaign.

How New Article-370 surge Indian Kashmir and why it matters

Why is Kashmir a Disputed Region?

In 1947, Independence was proving too difficult to handle because with independence came partition. The two subcontinents split into two – Islamic Pakistan & Secular India.

The princely state ruler of Jammu & Kashmir  was asked to accede with either one. So Kashmir was in a state of confusion and from here the conflict started as both subcontinent claimed their entirety .

But Pakistan was very keen to add Kashmir to its territory . The reasons , possibly the Muslim population and the Indus river system- Pakistan water supply. So impatient Pak launches “Operation Gulmarg”.

A series of incursions aimed at annexing Kashmir was violent and bloody. Facing attacks from multiple sites eventually made Maharaja to accede with India and seek military help.

At same time after Maharaja accession with India which was not as planned by Britishers, they plotted a plan B and declared Poonch as Azad Kashmir and made Gilgit to accede Pak . What we know both today is under Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(Pok)

How New Article-370 surge Indian Kashmir and why it matters

The big picture of Kashmir Article 370

Between the two dreams , Kashmiris were struggling and facing brutality for decades. Kashmir was more of a burning cauldron, than a paradise nation. To constitutionalize and institutionalize the relationship between J&K , India incorporated Article 370 . This article gives a lot of power to state and plays a key feature in Kashmir-India relationship.

Article 370

  allowed the J&K  state a certain amount of autonomy – its own constitution, a separate flag and freedom to make laws. Foreign affairs, defence and communications remained the preserve of the central government. As a result, Jammu and Kashmir could make its own rules relating to permanent residency, ownership of property and fundamental rights

What’s going on Kashmir?

In the beginning of August 2019 , indian government announced to revoke the special status of J&K i.e Article 370 without Kashmiris consent. The only reason Kashmir acceded with India  despite of Muslim majority population is no more.The promise to live with was broken!!

Other than this as an action before announcing the abrogation of article 370 and article 35A was cutting off the communication lines  and  information blackout  in Kashmir valley. Several political leaders were under house arrest including former chief minister Mehbooba mufti.

Meanwhile, numerous troops were installed , schools & colleges were shut down , Hindu pilgrimage was cancelled and tourists were asked to leave urgently.

How New Article-370 surge Indian Kashmir and why it matters

How does the government explain Article 370 act?

Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi explains rationally how the article 370 is the deep root cause of Kashmir’s development . Mr Shah said it act like a catalyst in increasing terrorism, separatism , corruption and alienation of the state. Scrapping of Article was the most awaited step to integrate Kashmir with India and place it on the same footing as the rest of India. In his words he also states that :

  • The Article 370 was prominently Harming the development of Kashmir. 
  • Indian Constitution would apply in Kashmir as well. 
  • Abrogation of Article 370 will necessarily bring the outsiders to the Kashmir valley as they will be packaged as development projects.
  • Unemployment rate will decrease in Kashmir
  • Reservation for minorities and Dalits .

But The locals in their defence say that this strategy is actually with the intention of taking control over the Kashmiris by making  an excuse for the development. They argued that the corruption and misgovernance that led to alienation comes from the government’s black hollow policies rather than Article 370 and 35A.

Critics also mentioned that it is an irony that those who claim to give Kashmir corruption-free administration  itself failed to have a corruption -free mind and psyche

Many Kashmiris believe that  BJP with its political clout ultimately wants to change the demographic character of the Muslim-majority region by allowing non-Kashmiris to buy land there.The thought of negligence has heightened the threat in Kashmiris.

How New Article-370 surge Indian Kashmir and why it matters

What’s changed on the ground?

People of Kashmir will now follow the Indian constitution  likewise other indian states instead of their separate constitution. So the government aligns and Kashmiris understands by hook or crook.

All the indian laws are applicable automatically to Kashmiris. Non- permanent residents or other people from different states can now avail land on Kashmiri’s ground.

Mr. Amit Shah also proposed two resolutions . Firstly, Rendering Article 370 and making it inoperative so that democracy  will come with full existence followed by development. Secondly , Reorganization of J&K Bill which says a new Union Territory will be made in a unique way .

First UN  
               Jammu ( Hindu Majority) 
              Kashmir ( Muslim Majority)
Second UN
             Ladakh (Leh + Kargil -  Buddhist Majority)
How New Article-370 surge Indian Kashmir and why it matters

There is so much more to what’s going on in Kashmir than what I am able to squeeze into a single blog. There are restrictions all day and night , CURFEW everywhere. Some consider this as an untimely political snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir and a man-made natural disaster while others seek it as an opportunity and a bright path for development .

But the question is, is there any actual development going on or is it just a mirage. Well from the people’s reaction it’s difficult to say that  Mr. Modi has won the hearts and minds of Kashmiris. All I can see is that grief is now a part of Kashmiris life. The dream of becoming sovereign is ending up with ‘FEAR’.

Is India betraying Kashmir or becoming a benefactor?? What do you think??

Reshaping India administered Kashmir by revoking Article 370

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