Vo waqt likho
Vo waqt likho

Vo waqt likho

Listen to this..


Vo umr likho
Vo naaz likho
Phali si vo mulakat likho

Vo geet likho
vo  muskaan likho
khamoshi ki jhankar likho

Vo dard likho
vo ashk likho
ankho se jhalaktay meray jazbaat likho

Vo boond likho
vo thav likho
bheegi si barsaat likho

Vo rang likho
Vo roop likho
tumhari ankho m basta tha vo swaroop likho

Vo yaad likho
vo raaz likho
phoolon si mahakti vo shaam likho

Vo shabd likho
vo saar likho
ankha sa vo ahsas likho

Vo waqt likho
Vo halaat likho
Meray saath bitai raat likho

Likho vo saare pal ,
likho vo saari yaaday,
 likho vo saari khushiya,
likho vo intzaar ki ghadiya,
likho vo saare kasmay,
likho vo saare vaaday,
likho vo bichadnay ki raat,
likho vo saari baatien,

Write that time

Vo waqt likho
Write that time

Write that age
Write that tantrum
 Write that first meeting with me

Write that song
Write that smile
Write that chimes of silence

Write that pain
 Write that tear
Write my emotions brimming with eyes.

Write that drop
Write that place
Write that rainy rain

Write that color
Write that beauties
Write the form that lived in your eyes

Write that memory
Write that secret
Write the evening that smells like flowers

Write those words
Write that summary
Write the feeling of something untold

Write that time
Write that circumstances
Write the night spent with me

Write all those moments,
Write that sad memories,
Write all those happiness,
Write those waiting clocks,
Write down all the curses,
Write all those promises,
Write that night of separation,
Write all those things,,

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You don’t know my dear love

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Lalit Yadav
I believe in jio or jinay do. and interested in poetry, storytelling, paintings, imaginative , Marketing enthusiastic.
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