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One of the world’s greatest megalopolises,capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a dynamic city of unsettling extremes.Jakarta sits on northwest coast of island of java.As capital,Indonesia’s busiest destination in terms of both business,tourism and commerce.According to world atlas Jakarta is 15th largest city in the world.A historic mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European – has influenced its architecture, language and cuisine.Before the world war II Indonesia was a Dutch colony and there still remains some past historical facts in this country. Like the Dutch cannons which still occupy a proud position in the old town of Jakarta.

Bluebird taxi service is spread in entire Indonesia.We can have Uber service available at Jakarta.Walking on streets of Jakarta is also a pleasant experience.All is about smells of barbeques nearby restaurents. Zomato is available at Jakarta so you can have list of options of hotels but what to eat is great deal.As all is about warung’s.A type of chicken which usually fried at morning.So for dinner u will have to eat the one made at morning only.

All luxury hotels are available at Jakarta.So if u are planning for business trip or work then i think Jakarta is better option.

Following Restaurants i will recommend at Jakarta

Grandmas Suki

Heard that there suki is one of the best.Often overpriced.You will be surpriced by steamed snail’s as a starters.Located near Bukit golf mediterania.So chill out guys with Bintang at beautiful Jakarta.

Plan B

Plan B is a humble Spanish eatery serving authentic delicacies courtesy of Basque chef, Oskar Urzelai. Locals love this buzzy neighbourhood spot for its excellent plates of tapas, pintxos (Basque tapas) and paella, …The price is standard for fresh spanish food. Service is good.You  will definitely like the ambience.

Mamma rosy

There’s a real Mamma Rosy and she’s actually in the kitchen at this very authentic (and very popular) Italian trattoria. With her son Daniel, Mamma have brought a taste of the Old World to trendy Kemang. Fresh pasta…Good italian food. Beware of pork ingredient in some of the food if you are muslim.So Pizza lover can opt for this hotel.


Housed inside the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, OKU is an outstanding Japanese dining experience. Its Zen-like minimalist dining room allows the food to stand out. Here, Chef Kazumasa Yazawa serves up modernized Japane…Best Japanese fine dining restaurant in Jakarta! The fine details in food preparation makes eating an experience rather than just food.

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