Tuning advisors

How to use SQL Access Advisor?

SQL Access Advisor suggests proper set of materialized views,partitioned tables,indexes for given workload. Complex tasks such as partition of an unpartitioned table needs a go through for access advisors. Here I will suggest how to use access advisor for each component. In case of views, as a virtual table does not hold any data. Every Read More


Autonomous transactions benefits

An autonomous transaction is an independent transaction started by another transaction, the main transaction. Autonomous transactions do SQL operations and commit or Rollback, without committing or rolling back the main transaction. For example, if you write auditing data to a log table, you want to commit the audit data even if the operation you are auditing Read More

How to manage undo data?

Undo is copy of original, premodified data. Its captured for every transaction that changes data. Capturing undo data enables us to ROLLBACK uncommitted data.Undo supports  read consistent and flashback queries. Undo can rewind transactions and tables.Read consistent queries provide results that are consistent with data as of time query started. For read consistent query to Read More


How to take RMAN backup?

RMAN is the component of oracle database that is used to perform backup and recovery operations.It can make consistent and inconsistent backups, perform incremental and full backups ,backup either whole database or portion of it. RMAN has its own scripting language and has interface with many popular backup software solutions. An Oracle database to which Read More