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What are best practices while using data warehouse recovery methodology?

In data warehouses backup and recovery can be very crucial task when you have 100’s of terabytes of data. some of the best practices that can be implemented are using ARCHIVELOG mode.

First of all what is the difference between ARCHIVELOG and NOARCHIVELOG mode

In ARCHIVELOG mode oracle archives filled online redo log files before reusing them and in NOARCHIVELOG mode oracle doesn’t archives online redo log files before reusing them.

Running the database in ARCHIVELOG mode has following benefits:

1.The database can be completely recovered from both instance and media failure.

2. Backups  can be performed while database is open.

3. Oracle supports multiplexing of archive log files to avoid single point of failure of archivelogs.

Running the database in NOARCHIVELOG mode has following has following restrictions

1.Database can only be backed up when it  is completely closed after normal shutdown

Some enterprises can afford downtime as it requires shutting down of database(NOARCHIVELOG) mode. If organization cannot afford  downtime then backup strategy implemented is in ARCHIVELOG  mode.

How to enable database in ARCHIVELOG mode?


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