How to configure parameters in Hadoop cluster?

First we will go through list of configuration files and their properties.

below are commands to check all configurations

$    /usr/lib/hadoop/etc/hadoop                                                                            


These files have special properties associated that can be configured by hadoop administrators. These prperties are enclosed with <property> </property> tags. 


Suppose I want to add abc.txt file of size 50mb  inside hdfs then according to standard configuration parameters will occupy 1 data block as each datablock size is 128mb. Standard replication factor is 3. To check all these parameters we will have to look for hdfs-site.xml

hit below command to alter these parameters

$ cat hdfs-site.xml


The replication factor is 3 here as I have hadoop cluster with 11 nodes. Suppose you have 1 node hadoop cluster then there is no point in keeping three different replications on single node.

As you see there are 134217728 bytes of datablocks. (128 mb*1024 *1024) in  dfs.blocksize. These special parameters can be changed in these xml

To study more in details refer below links:

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