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Where do Loyalty Systems fit in the post Covid-19 Hospitality market?

Loyalty systems have been part of the hospitality sector for three decades. Regardless of if you have a plastic card, a smart phone app or a stamp card with a smiling face your are using a loyalty system of sorts. 

The concept of a loyalty system is very straight forward.

In return for you (the customer) giving us your details, we (the restaurant) will offer you either a discount or a points reward.

We do this for a reason!


In the post Covid-19 market taking an open the doors and they will come approach is potentially risky. 

Previously international statistics reported that a loyalty member spent 50% more and visited three times more often than a non loyalty member.

I hazard a guess that those numbers will change in the new environment and especially as we move into winter. 

Business that are prepared to communicate to their customers via a marketing database will reduce the risk while increasing their businesses awareness to potential customers.

Over the last few weeks while in lock-down, we at Tevalis New Zealand, have been working with a large number of clients making changes to their business. They have been refining their menus, changing their product mix, adding takeaway and delivery services, changing the look at feel of their business and adding new social events. 

All of this effort needs to be backed up with communication to your database.

Let them know what is happening, let them know what is new.

  • Make your business the first thing they think of when heading out!
  • Make your business the first thing they think of even when they weren’t heading out!
  • Do not rely on chance!

Tevalis is a Point of Sale and Loyalty & CRM system where you will find 1000’s of Customers, but this is typically not the only source of a marketing database. 

  • If you have a booking system, i.e., ResDiary, NowBookit or Eveve then you most likely have 1000’s of other customers who have provided their details willingly when booking in your restaurant. 
  • Have you kept all of those business cards from the business card draws and then enter them into your database? 
  • Who are your LIKES on social media and have you offered them to join your Loyalty club?

If you look hard enough you will find you may have thousands of customers you can put into a database and tell them about your business, make them an offer and invite them to an event. 

Your Marketing brings in the Customers – Your Staff Make the Sales

Andrew McClurg, Sales Manager Asia Pacific for Tevalis Point of Sale

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