How To Look Attractive.

Hello guys. today we talk about how can we look attractive and some small small tips that you should apply on yourself. So here are the 4 tips you should definitely try on yourself.


  • Don’t act like shy and arrogant one.
  • Make proper eye contact .
  • Use hand gesture while talking.
  • Keep good sense of humor.
  • Be friendly to everyone.

2-Body Language.

  • Slouching and crossing arms shows that you are shy and insecure.
  • Pay attention to your posture.
  • Delay the smile and smile softly with little eyes.
  • Take big steps.


  • Wear clothes that makes you comfortable.
  • Always wear fit clothes .
  • Try different colours to look unique and different.
  • Don’t go with the trend blindly.
  • Don’t copy others styl


  • Cut your nose hairs and nails.
  • Trim your underarms hairs.
  • Clean your teeth and keep a mouth freshener.
  • Smell always fresh and good.


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i am a passionate fashion model and blogger . i like to give advice to peoples about fashion grooming .
This platform is more focused on providing suggestion ideas about fashion such as:
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