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How to fix Low Self-esteem

In this blog i will discuss the how to fix low self esteem, world of pressure especially in this Covid-19 situation, most of us have lost their mental stability.

This mental instability has often led us to feel low i.e awkward, unlovable, obnoxious, shy and makes us think that we are not good and important enough.

This situation of mental instability is called ‘Low self-esteem’. Sometimes this low self-esteem changes to depression and we know most of suicide cases is because of depression.

So, We must solve this problem as soon as we feel low about ourselves.

Here’s the 4 strategies, How to fix low self-esteem .

you are enough

1. Self analysis

Elon Musk once said in an interview that “you have to be rigorous about self analysis” and he did it too when most of the space agency made him like that his ideas of extending human life to other planets i.e Mars. is not worth it.

3 questions to ask ourselves and write down on a paper:
What is my current state? What am I doing?
Why do I feel low and bad?
How can I solve the situation?

2. Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are the positive sentence that you say about yourself everyday. Most of the affirmations are “ how you want to see yourself in future!!”

positive affirmations

The examples are, i am confident , i am good enough, i am the only person who can change current situations etc.

By repeating positive sentences, you signal your subconscious mind which is kind of a servant which obeys everything you say and controls almost 95% of the behaviour whether it is our thoughts, emotions, habits etc.

Note- positive affirmations only work when you do it every single day.

3. Don’t overthink

If we see, the habit of overthinking is the main cause of low self esteem and depression.

So we must not try to overthink. There’s one habit, you can opt to replace the habit of overthinking which is meditation.( benefits if mediation).

4. Invest In yourself

Invest in yourself

With the help of self analysis, you’ll will everything about yourself i.e your strength, weakness and your current skills requirement. When you know everything,so why waste time!!

Things you can do:

  • Read a lot
  • Buy courses, whatever you want to learn and remember spending money for learning never becomes waste.
  • Youtube ( youtube is god of free resources)

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Mohit Pandey
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