The 4 types of introverts - Which one are you?
The 4 types of introverts - Which one are you?


The 4 types of introverts – Which one are you?

If you are an introvert then you should know, there are 4 types of introverts and which ones are you. If you would know then you can understand that and work on that.  

Your quiet nature may cause suspicion to arise in others and sometimes even you feel discomfort when you are in social situations. 

People may perceive you as the awkward one lacking communication skills and less of self-confidence but that no necessarily the truth. 

You are just an introvert and every introvert is different while most introvert being drained by social interaction especially large parties and events, there are many differences as well and the main differences between each of these are that all are the driving factors that cause introversion and you should know that these 4 types of introverts and select that which one you are? Let’s understand….

1. The Social Introvert

The 4 types of introverts - Which one are you?

If you have an idea of what it means to be an introvert, you are probably thinking about the classic archetype: the social Introvert. The social Introvert prefers to spend time alone.

When they do socialize, they enjoy time with their friends and known people. Usually, they know each of them for a long time before. They simply love to live with a bit of distance from others. 

2. Introspective Introvert

Introspective Introvert

They usually engage in deep and serious, self-reflection and critical thinking when they are alone. Sometimes they do with own and some other people as well. They usually lost in their thoughts.

If you analyze them then you find that they are thinking critically about the real world. They think about everything whatever they see and hear around them.

3. Anxious Introvert

Anxious Introvert

If you feel threatened and fearful when you socialize with people. They struggle to interact. When they usually socialize with people then, their anxiety levels rise. They manifest their feats into reality this negative mindset and past experience reduce their self-esteem.

They find themselves stuck in an unhealthy cycle. In the end, I will only say that you should improve your life – whether you are alone or socializing.

4. Restrained Introvert

Restrained Introvert

This is very common, many people have never heard about this Introvert type. Restrained Introvert is someone who restrains themselves in social situations. This means that they take time to get to know someone before socializing in the way they would with close friends or family.

And they are also selective when sharing personal information. They usually wait to vulnerable and transparent until someone has earned their trust.

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