India’s alternative messaging app Sandes, Features, Comparison with WhatsApp

India’s alternative messaging app Sandes, Features, Comparison with WhatsApp. The Indian government has launched sandes app to replace the WhatsApp app. Sandes App had launched some months ago and this app used by the initial members of the government and when they found that the app is ready for the public. Then, they have launched the app today for Indian people. 

The national Informatic center ( NIC ) of India launched an instant messaging app just like WhatsApp. It is also known as Government Instant Messaging System ( GIMS ).

It is available for download on Playstore as well as the apple store. And you can download the app from the NEC website as well.

The Sandes App can be used by Id for signup. And after that, you need to verify your mobile number then you can send and receive messages, emojis, images, videos, pdf, and all other things.

For those who are looking to download the app want to set up the sandes app on your phone then get ready for this because it’s available now. India’s alternative messaging app Sandes, Features, Comparison with WhatsApp Follow these steps :

Prerequisites : 

  • Active email address or phone number
  • Working internet connectivity
  • Want to replace WhatsApp and want to give your contribution towards Atamnirbhar Bharat.

How to download in our smartphone?

How to download Sandes app
  • iPhone User

You can download just click on Sandes App. Or you can also download it from your Apple store.

  • Android User

For now, this app is not available on the play store but you can download it through their official website – and after that click on the Android section. 

How to set – up the Sandes app on your phone : 

  • Open the app and enter your phone number
  • In the next step, enter the received OTP
  • Now enter the gender details
  • Congratulations, you are done now you can chat with your friends and anyone by searching the contacts who are available and start texting.

Sandes VS Whatsapp 

Sandes Vs Whatsapp

Sandesh app has so many similarities with WhatsApp. And you can also get some notable differences in the app like UI, AI, and interface. 

  • Sandes App has a verified feature that is specially made for government employees and they are using it for professional work and sharing the information. But in the case of WhatsApp, you wouldn’t get this type of thing. WhatsApp is the same for all, whether he is a minister or a common man.
  • You can also get to see that, usually you can store the backup in Google drive which is a registered email I’d. But in the sandes app, you would get the option to store the backup in your google drive or your external or Pendrive option.
  • You might notice that you can send messages in different colors with different fonts in sandes app but this feature is not available in WhatsApp.
  • You never change your registered email I or phone number in the Sandes app. If you have registered, it will be fixed for a lifetime. But on WhatsApp, you can change all these things very easily.
  • In WhatsApp, you can change your phone number from old to new without deleting the account and you can sync easily. But you can’t do this in sandes app, if you want to change then you need to delete the account of that mobile number and you can get started with the new phone number.

Why you should replace WhatsApp with Sandes app?

Sandes Vs Whatsapp
  • It means you are supporting the government to grow India and some duty of our as well for the development of India.
  • If people start using sandes then Atamnirbhar Bharat would get some support from people and it would be starting to our nation.
  • You may remember that a few months ago WhatsApp started collecting data and mentioned that it was going to start sharing people’s data and personal details. So the government has thought about this and has come up with our app. It concerns privacy and is safe for use.
  • Sandes is free, has strong encryption, and works on mobile platforms very easily.
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