6 Food that makes you age faster and look older

Food that makes you age faster and look older. There are many different factors that make you age faster and look older and this shows up on your face or skin. You may know that smoking and too much sun exposure affect your skin and that makes you age faster and look older.

Nowadays the sun’s rays become the reason for so many diseases and with the fast-changing world and human careless activities increasing global warming. This may also affect the skin directly or indirectly. 

But your diet plays a big role as well. If you are keeping track of your diet and not eating fast food.

To know more about those food that makes you age faster and looks older and you probably consume every day. You may replace them with other food with more delicious and protein energy food. Let’s get to know..

1. White bread and pasta 

White bread and pasta
White bread and pasta

Foods with a high glycemic index like white bread and pasta can cause inflammation in the body. Which is directly linked to the aging process. Not only aging of your skin this also causes acne and pimple. Try healthier food such as whole wheat pasta and bread. 

2. Sugar


One of the most infamous contributions is making you age faster and look older. You won’t believe that unwanted wrinkles and other skin problems happened due to sugar. Sugar damages your skin through a natural process called glycation. The sugar in your blood attaches to the protein and produces advanced glycation. They damage the healthy protein in your body. If you want to eat some sweets then you can eat fruits they will not harm you. 

3. Dairy Products 

Dairy Products

There seem to be a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to dairy. Some people have seen positive skin changes after cutting dairy from their diet. According to the report, dairy has been shown to cause increased inflammation that leads to premature age. And according to the research, skin.is protected from the sun if you are consuming fewer dairy products. Calcium is very essential for the body. And you may also get from beans, almonds, etc.

4. French Fries 

French Fries

Who doesn’t love French fries? They are tasty and satisfying, but unfortunately, salty fried foods are not good for the skin. Too much salt draws water out of the body and dehydrates it. You can eat sweet potatoes they won’t harm the body and they help to protect your skin and hydration. 

5. Coffee and Soda 

Coffee and Soda

What these popular beverages do to your health has more to do more sleep. Coffee and Soda both are high in caffeine and if you consume them frequently throughout the day they could be messing with your sleep. Poor sleep has been linked with signs of aging including dark circles, under the eyes, and wrinkles on the skin.

6. Alcoholic Drinks 

Alcoholic Drinks

When it comes to your skin, alcohol consumption can cause a host of problems, like – redness, puffiness, wrinkles. Alcohol decreases nutrition and it also dehydrates you. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable. It’s a natural process that everyone has to goes through. 

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