Five Common Mistake You Do On Formals.

Hello! lets talk about some common mistakes people do and  you also do it on regular basis.
so let’s start.

Don’t buy square pointed formals shoes . i mean seriously guys you all  belongs from 20’s but you wear these types of shoes then trust me your dressing  sense is still hanging in 90’s.

Buy arrow\sharp pointed shoes. they will lift your style to the top of the mountain .make sure you always keep them polish and in new condition.

 2.wearing different coloured belt and shoes.

Generally people do they wear all good things but then they wear different coloured belt with different coloured shoes and this shows that they know nothing about rule of formals.

Always wear same coloured shoes and belt. for example if you choose black shoes then go with black colour belt.

3. watches

 Most of the men wear smartwatch and sportswatch on  formals so stop doing it. this is not correct categories of watches for formals.

So i am going to tell you 3 types of watch you can try on formals and on even semi-formals. 




with these watches you can go on formals.


It can become weapon if you wear right accessories on formals . By the name of accessories our mind shows us some ,chains, bands ,rings ,shades etc.

But you cannot try all these accessories on formals.
Dont try chain on formals. use less accessories 2-3 is max. dont try more accessories.

If you go with rings then try it on the opposite hand of watch, don’t wear them on same hand. Try shades they makes you more attractive ,smart and  mature..

And if you wear formals then don’t avoid watches.


Fitting can makes your personality good or bad it depends on the type of fitting you wear.many peoples wear very baggy and too tight.

Don’t do it very baggy fitting shows you a lazy person and too tight clothes shows thats you still wears your childhood dresses .

So guys  this is the most common five mistake people do . i hope you like this blog. please share and follow us on instagram.

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