Job vs Higher Studies vs Entrepreneur

With the fast-changing world, generation there is an increasing number of jobs, startup and higher studies in India. 

Students have multiple options available and it creates difficulty to choose a job, higher education in their field of interest or starting their own start-up.

According to data and my research, there are 40,000 undergraduates colleges in India. 

Most of which have not structured placement cell at their undergraduate level. As a result, most of the students decide to study further. This is done only lack of better option in terms of job opportunities.

Research also shows that India produces 3,00,000 management graduates annually, but hardly 35,000 of them are employable. 

7 Million of graduate produce India annually? 

There are some points you could keep in your mind while deciding which is best for yoursself :

1. Pros of doing a job

The clearest benefit of the job is the money that comes with it. 

Jobs give you an opportunity to work in a company and get to know how a company works. 

You get practical exposure and experience that you can recount applying to further studies in your future.

While working you develop a network and meet people as a mentor, colleagues and helper which help you in your personal and professional growth. 

And also it helps to save money for your higher studies. 

2. Pros of opting for higher study

If you well know your interest and you strongly decide in which area you want to make your career.

By studying at University straight after your graduation it’s a great way to boost up your knowledge, in a particular field of your choice, And it helps to meet great minded people who might to become your lifelong friends. 

It helps to enhance your career by learning.

3. Pros of starting a Start-Up

Entrepreneurs are their own bosses. They make the decisions and work according to his choice .

As entrepreneurs, you should be ready to take a risk and work hard with positivity. 

Starting your own business it’s very challenging and builds yours owns the brand . 

Adapt and develop your small business into profitable. 

Your willingness and your passion convert it into a profitable and successful business.

If you are confused to choose among this one then, you can join with a company and do Job for 1 to 2 years and find out your interest, your passion.

I hope that this is helpful for you. Thank You

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