Fashion Tips For Tall Guys : A Short Guide To Looking Good

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Proper Length

Make sure length of your trouser and shirt isn’t short. Unless you want your ankles poking out from the bottom of trouser, or sleeves that don’t reach your wrists.

length of clothes

Skinny Fit

You should avoid skinny fit clothing. if you have a nice body they you can try fit clothes. But if you’re tall and slim, you should go for slim fit clothing.

skinny fit


Avoid wearing one colour head-to-toe and use things like texture and pattern to break things up. If you’re tall and slim’ keeping things too simple only serves to make you look taller and slimmer.



Add more layers to your clothing. Layering helps to add more bulk to the structure. Go for chunky knits, puffer coats in favourable weather.



You’re all about the vertical axis, so look to clothes that create some sideways heft. Horizontal patterns will help, avoid vertical patterns and try horizontal patterns clothing.

colour pattern

So guys these are the 5 Fashion Tips Tall Guys Should Know. you can check my other blog.

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