Body Type Vs Jeans Cut :How To Find Your Perfect Jeans

Body Type Vs Jeans Cut :How To Find Your Perfect Jeans

There are four types of body shapes in boys 1-slender and thin, 2-lean or average, 3-athletic or muscular, 4- husky or heavy.

body shape type
Body type

Jeans have four cut size or fitting 1-slim fit, 2-straight fit, 3-boot-cut, 4-loose fit.

jeans cut type
Jeans Cut

wear jeans always according to your body shape.

Thin Or Slender.

As we know thin guys always have that advantage they look good and attractive in all type of fitting and clothes, avoid only loose type.

they can wear all types of jeans they don’t have to think about fitting and jeans cut.

thin guy with black damage jeans
Thin boy with slim fit.

Lean Or Average.

As we know lean and thin are almost same type of body shape so lean body also can wear all type of jeans cut.

lean guy with slim fit blue jeans

Athletic Or Muscular

Guys with muscular body only avoid straight cut and loose fit jeans go for boot cut.

muscular guy with black jeans

Husky Or Heavy.

Guys with heavy body size avoid slim fit and boot cut go for straight fit and loose fit.

heavy guy with b black jeans

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Body Type Vs Jeans Cut: How To Find Your Perfect Jeans

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