Let’s Celebrate Deepawali With New Ideas

Hello friends! As Diwali season is on and we all are trying to celebrate Diwali in different styles and make our moment happy and memorable. So let’s celebrate Deepawali with new ideas. Here are some ideas which will make our Diwali celebration special.

1. Decorate your home and set the scene for your celebration.

  • Use colorful lights: Diwali is the festival of lights. So, decorate your home with different kinds and shapes of lights. Try to use colorful and designer bulbs and light.
  • Use Diya: For our comfort, we often use candles. The candles extinguish quickly. No, instead of using candles, Use traditional shaped oil diyas. Diya gives your decoration a complete sacred and adorable look.
  • Use traditional decorator: Diwali is an Indian traditional festival. we connect with it emotionally. To add more Indian emotions, use a traditional decorator like Kalash, Drum, colorful lamp, flowers, and so on. These will give your decoration a new and different look.

2. Make designer and theme-based Rangoli

Rangoli has its own importance in Diwali and we can’t deny it. it is said that a rangoli design Is made at the entrance of the house, which not only welcomes the visiting guests, but also the goddess herself. It is a perfect and beautiful way to show your devotion.

So make the designer and theme-based Rangoli to show your devotion and love towards your guests as well as Goddess Laxmi.Try to use flowers and eco-friendly colors to make Rangoli.

3. Organize a surprise Henna party

Henna also is known as Mehandi. Women love henna. Henna gives extra beauty during the festive season. You can hire a mehndi artist for your party. This will increase your excitement and happiness. During the Mehandi session do not forget to click photographs just to capture your moment.

4. Organize theme-based party and send your guest attractive digital invitations

Organize theme-based party like Bolloywood theme, Colour theme, dress code theme with your friends and relatives. This Diwali don’t invite your guest over a phone call. Make attractive digital invitations for your guest. You can also send them invitation through online shopping site like amazon. Send them Diwali wishes and regards in a attractive way. Mention address, theme and time on the card.

5. Do Activities during party at Diwali night

You can organize several party activities to make your moment memorable.

  • Show your talent: In this activity everyone has to do something and show his/her talent like dancing, singing , mimicry, and so on.
  • Rangoli Competition:
  • Mehandi Competition
  • Dress Competition
  • Playing Game
  • Firework celebrations
  • Lighting lamps
  • Golgappa Competition

6. Try to make Indian Traditional Dishes and Dessert

Make Indian traditional dishes for your guests. Don’t spoil your Diwali mood with continental and Chinese like Pizza and Burger. you can try dishes like:

  • Starter: Dry snacks, Pakore, Paneer Tikka, Cutlet, Kebab etc.
  • Main Course: Poori, Shahi paneer, Shahi Biryani, Dal Makhani
  • Dessert: Kheer, Sewaiya, Laddu, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai etc
  • Beverage: Thandai, Badam Milk, Kesar Milk etc

If you are health conscious, then use good quality of ghee and oil. you can make your dish less spicy.

7. Don’t Forget to offer gifts to your guests

At last, Don’t forget to offer gifts to your guests. Surprise them with gifts. You can offer them home made Sweets, Chocolates, Dry fruits, Dress, Makeup kits, Cosmetics and so on. And Don’t forget to wrap gifts in an attractive way.

So friends , these are all about Diwali celebrations ideas. you can have more ideas. Share with us in comment section . So celebrate Diwali, make your moment happy and spread your love and affections with others.

Happy Diwali Guys. 😍😍

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