What’s up Ionic 5!

Ionic 5 launched and lets see whats new with it Launch Date : February 11, 2020 Ionic Framework 5 (Magnesium) is launched. This new version contains new API for custom animation Ionicons Updated colors Starter designs Components Improvements and many more All above changes applies to Angular, React, and Vue integrations. iOS Design The largest Read More

ionic tutorial

How to change individual active-tab-icon color ? [ionic2] [ionic3]

In your app.scss, you could do something like this: .tabbar {[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(1) {         color: rgb(232, 75, 56);         .tab-button-icon {             color: rgb(232, 75, 56);         }     }[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(2) {         color: rgb(27, 182, 230);         .tab-button-icon {             color: rgb(27, 182, 230);         }     }[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(3) {         color: rgb(170, 202, 69);         .tab-button-icon {             color: rgb(170, 202, 69);         }     }[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(4) { Read More

Ionic 3 Multi Language Example

Ionic 3 Multi Language Example

Step 1: Start new ionic app: 1. ionic start multilingual tabs 2. cd multilingual Step 2: Install angular translate library in ionic app: 3. npm install @ngx-translate/core @ngx-translate/http-loader –save   or this if Angular 5 3. npm install @ngx-translate/core@^9.1.1 @ngx-translate/http-loader -–save Now edit app.module.ts file. Add this line. import { TranslateModule } from ‘@ngx-translate/core’; Add this into imports Read More

Making a pen drive bootable

  Run CMD as administrator Type “diskpart” inside the command prompt and hit “ENTER”. After last step type “list disk” inside the command prompt and hit “ENTER”. Type “select disk 1” inside the command prompt and hit “ENTER”. Type “clean” and hit “ENTER”. It will erase all the data from the pen drive. Type “create Read More