ionic tutorial
ionic tutorial
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Getting up and running with IONIC 2..

These are the resources that you may find useful for ionic 2 development..
ionic 2 is dependent on angular 2 which is written in typescript
1) Ionic 2 references
2) Angular 2 References
3) TypeScript References
4) Tools needed for development
    – Node+Npm    —>
    – Git                      —>
    -Vs Code            —>
5) Basic steps for development
    – Install node in computer, set env.variable, check if node working by $ node -v
    – check Npm installed by $ npm -v
    – Install git
    – Install jdk, set env variable , check by $ java –version
    – install vscode
       *if every things got correctly configured move forward..
6) Basic commands to create new project and run it
    – $ npm install -g ionic cordova
    – $ ionic star myAwesomeProject –v2           *we use –v2 flag to create version/ionic 2 project
    – $ cd myAwesomeProject
    – $ ionic serve
Woolaa.. we have got our very awesome ionic 2 project up and running in browser.

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