Hair Fall.

Hello guys as you know our young generation is facing hair fall problem, even 15-16 yrs old kids have this problem. so we will discuss some step you should take to stop this problem.


In this new generation, everyone tries to keep their body in shape so they start stupid things, they skip meals and avoid foods. if you want to keep your body in shape then avoid only extra calories don’t avoid nutrition . consume low calories contains high nutrition .


As we know today’s generation is very lazy with poor lifestyle. we skip important things that is very important for hair. we don’t wash our hairs we don’t shampoo hairs.


Sometimes it depend on our family if your mother-side and father-side have any problem regarding hair loss so it can be your genetic, then definitely you should consult a doctor .


Smoking is very dangerous for health we know that but it also effect your hairs and a poor immune system may also increase your chances of a bacterial or fungal infection on the scalp .


few years back stress is only found in old age people and average age people but in this new generation small age children, they are having stress . It can push hair follicles into a “resting” phase so that they don’t produce new hair strands.


  • Use shampoo only 2-times in a week.
  • don’t use soap on hairs.
  • Give 10 minutes of massage daily.
  • Use comb for better blood circulation .
  • Use biotin, omage-3 and vitamin-a..
  • Avoid these chemical in shampoo like sulfates, alcohols.
  • Consume protein.

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