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10 Things to learn from “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” : Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s best selling books says some amazing and mind bending words that may help you get away from current worries of your life.

Here I am going to summarize some basic wisdom in few points, this will help you to make decision what to choose to bring happy life. This book deals with fundamental emotions and ideas.

So without wasting time lets get into it.

1) Focus on daily bread

try to resolve one task at a time this helps us to better solve problem.

2) If you have a worry problem,

ask yourself what worst can happen? is it that important at the moment or can be improved.

Prepare to accept it if you have to.

Try to improve the worst case situation you have in mind maybe its not that big in long run.

3) Keeping busy

Its best way to remove anxiety. If you are busy in doing you favorite work worry have no way to enter your mind.

4) Our Opinion

A man is not hurt so much by what happens as by his opinion of what happens Our opinion of what happens is entirely up to us.

5) We shouldn’t judge someone else

most of the problem arises when we start to think about others by just cutting this down we can get out of current thought bubble.

6) Count your blessings, not your troubles

We have so much with us we don’t value we stuck with non valuable troubles that ultimately give us nothing.

7) Making other people happy will make ourselves happy.

This simple rule is widely acceptable if you are happy and you make others happy then you will also feel happy.

Happiness is contagious, by giving we receive

8) Take frequent rests

yes its busy life but human body is not designed to be a robot. So rest is valuable and give it some importance.

9) Don’t take yourself too seriously

sometimes its better to laugh on our own worries.

10) Where your interests are is where your energy is.

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