programming languages
programming languages

Top 3 In-demand Programming Language in 2021

Plenty of technology come and goes with time but few skills last longer and programming is the which is trending for dacades and continue to grow with the rappid rate of digital revolution.

These days things are spinning with computers and they become a tool for making money. And the core of computers are based on programming.

Well so learning programming as a skill is definitely beneficial all the way.

So what are the top demanding Programming languages to go for this new 2021.

Here I have listed top 3 of them at this moment of time:

1. Javascript.


Well you might have question why javascript. So far till now the world is spinning around the web and web made more dollars $$$$$ ever in history.

And guess what the core of all the web is ultimately the javascript.

Thanks to the mobile revolution and browser accessibility to billions of people. The web development industry just broke the internet lol.

2. Python.

python programming language

Yes, this is time of micro controllers to huge datacenters.

All from a chip to a computer grid Python just runs like a butter.

From google to Instagram or YouTube python have its own role.

This language has experienced tremendous growth of around 18-19% in the last 5 years.

This is a multipurpose language with a very simple syntax. It can create web applications apis and many new technologies are emerging like Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc and Python just do it efficiently.

Its great to start learning it as your first programming language also.

Many popular frameworks build with Python are Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.

3. C/C++


Well you must be thinking that the old C and C++ might have lost the race but surprisingly that’s not the truth. They are still quite popular among top companies like Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc.

Most of the valuable programs that we use today were written in C/C++ so to maintain that and keep adding new features it seems to be in high demand.

Also the very nature of this language it sits almost near to the hardware and hence this gives a pretty great advantage to the performance of the software.

Hence many graphic intense or Realtime game are built using this language.

Many programming languages inherited there features like OOP and other concepts like class inheritance etc.

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