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Hello where to buy today I am writing this blog actually I am not writing this blog I am declaring this blog to my Google document there is a feature in tool in Google 10 to speak this tool helps you to convert your speech into the words  that’s very convenient

 although it’s very convenient but I find there are some problems with it as I go forward it is not able to fully recognise my words and making lots of mistakes as I’m going forward I have not touch the keyboard all other than giving the line break for switching to the next

 I can see there are some MS integrated words exam writing exam saying MS interference and its recognising it is MS integration which is kind of silly for me again if it recognised it like MS interface which I am not saying what I am actually saying is misinterpreted

 but anyways whatever it is new in my opinion and it’s giving a lot of confidence that you can write for a block without actually writing them and then again I found a mistake it’s not lock its blog

 after long conversation I found that there are lots of mistakes in understanding the excellent of the person here I am saying accident and it’s recognising its life it life accident or excellent which is very confusing very very very confusing again I am saying that I am talking about accent not accident or excellent which is the problem

 again it is not understanding the context what it is just doing is interfering my voice again I’m saying interpreting but it’s writing it interfering it is crazy

 I have not seen anything like this before I am also I have experience the voice search I have done some research in my bag days and my fast again I’m saying back days but it’s recognising its like bag days which is an excellent for me and it’s funny to you also but that’s how it is going

 so it it is still a topic of research how NLP is working .

And natural language processing is a big deal these days because lots of people are making lots of content so people again I am saying this but ok

 I was saying that lots of people are making contain these days and it’s very important that there should be something in the way of expressing your ideas your well used for your inner feeling in stuff in the Worlds and machines are these days getting better in better and better understanding the voice in natural human interactions as machines are getting whether these days the usage is increasing exponentially these days I am really talking slow and as far as I talk slowly it is more going to be accurate in my understanding

 hey listen when I was talking very story or still I am talking where is slowly it is now able to make little bit of sense but still it is having issues I don’t know why but it is having issue I can clearly see in front of my eyes that it’s not able to accurately convert for interpret my voice to the actual right word

 I am writing after a long time but it still I feel that this is the better way to convince or convey the information to other of the I’m going very very very slowly to see how the accuracy get in hens as I go slow as I go fast ok now I will try to go fast in see how many mistakes are made by the interpreter of this Google voice for I don’t know what able to eat in next para 12 I am going to to to eat very fast let’s see if it is able to make sense or not.

 so as I said in this paragraph I am going to go very fast and lessee how activate it is I don’t know it’s going to make sound it’s going to make issues is going to make whatever don’t listen to me don’t listen to what I had just I am just looking to what happened 28 baby I am not saying appropriate words maybe I’m not saying whatever I have to say but what happening here it it’s not able to make sense otherwise whatever it doesn’t make sense anyways but it 

Ok as I can see that previous paragraph isn’t really were based in this time I am talking little networking but I can still see the issues I say naturally and it is converting it or transfer transferring it like networking serve Google you have to work a little bit more

 anyways as I see the voice assistants tool for voice dictation to is am lasing to me but blessing it’s amazing to me but this is still having some of the limitations in Google needs to overcome I know they must have tested it very accurate the very first personally what ever but yes it is true that it is not that the replacement of as it’s not that actually really miserable it’s really not working as expected but it’s fun to see how its working and how the change are able to make sense of what we say it is as as naturally ok

 but I find it very amazing to talk here and it was really beautiful experience to me I will try this again in the future tell them have a great thing I have a great time love your family love yourself love this and save earth and do whatever you want the things don’t drink and drive yes I am talking silly here but I am talking does I want to talk and every time I thought I really don’t staff so there is no way to start Mein but I will stop some there is no sense of this thing but it’s making sense to me because there is really no sense because even Google’s voice assistants don’t make any sense of my boys so there is really no sense of doing things near you

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