How to generate Statspack reports in Oracle?

Basically statspack report is similar to trace reports.Both have same purpose to find time consuming operations on a database. Set of commands to generate statspack reports: source set(tab button) sqlplus (db username/password) > exec statspack.snap;  –(start snap) Run your procedure or set of transactions. >exec statspack.snap; –(end snap) to view list of all snaps exec below command  Read More

Changi Airport,Singapore

Changi Airport,Singapore

Changi Airport,Singapore is world’s best Airport award winner around six consecutive years from 2013.One of the busiest airport-not only terminal but Hub with flights all over the world. There are four Terminals for this airport viz T1,T2,T3,T4 and 5th is already under work. T1-Basement 1,2, Level 1,2,3 T2-Basement 1,Level 1,2,3 T3-Basement 1,2,3,Level 1,2,3,4 T4-Basement 1,Level1,1-Mezzannine,2, Read More

ionic tutorial

How to change individual active-tab-icon color ? [ionic2] [ionic3]

In your app.scss, you could do something like this: .tabbar { a.tab-button[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(1) {         color: rgb(232, 75, 56);         .tab-button-icon {             color: rgb(232, 75, 56);         }     }     a.tab-button[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(2) {         color: rgb(27, 182, 230);         .tab-button-icon {             color: rgb(27, 182, 230);         }     }     a.tab-button[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(3) {         color: rgb(170, 202, 69);         .tab-button-icon {             color: rgb(170, 202, 69);         }     }     a.tab-button[aria-selected=true]:nth-of-type(4) { Read More