How to tune database buffer cache?

  Mechanism of database buffer cache: Before tuning lets understand the mechanism of database buffer cache.Database buffer cache is portion of SGA that holds block images read from data files.All users who are concurrently connected to the instance share access to database buffer cache. When user requires particular piece of data,it searches for the data Read More


How to generate Statspack reports in Oracle?

Basically statspack report is similar to trace reports.Both have same purpose to find time consuming operations on a database. Set of commands to generate statspack reports: source set(tab button) sqlplus (db username/password) > exec statspack.snap;  –(start snap) Run your procedure or set of transactions. >exec statspack.snap; –(end snap) to view list of all snaps exec below command  Read More

dependencies in oracle

Dependencies in oracle

How to Track and manage dependencies? Some database objects refer other objects as part of their definition.e.g View created by table references or other views.Similarly stored subprograms can include SQL statements that refer tables or other sub programs. How to query dependent objects on particular object type? When definition of object A includes reference to Read More