Few Things ..

I just love to play with technologies there in this developing universe and how we all get benefited with the continuous efforts of the people around us who are responsible for all the advancements.

Some of them are hidden some comes up, well i encourage all of you to be a part of it and lets make this word that no one even dreamed for.

I love to talk with people with great positive mindset and those who work continuously to improve themselves.

I love learning (means real one not freaking academics) daily in a fun way as our mind works on a reward functionality it we must give him positive output out of learning.

Prem Kumar



You can be the next creator..

Tech Lover , Open Src Dev , Dotnet Core, Ionic, Xamarin, Node, Angular2, Python, Opencv, AI, ML, Robotics, SignalR, Iot, Love Music, Cooking, Girls, Innovation.

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