Team Members

Prem Kumar

Site Administrator

Tech Lover , Open Src Dev , Dotnet Core, Ionic, Xamarin, Node, Angular2, Python, Opencv, AI, ML, Robotics, SignalR, Iot, Love Music, Cooking, Girls, Innovation.

Amit Kumar

Sub administrator, Publisher, Writer

I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become. I create my own sunshine. Learning something new is an adventure for me. I like to explore new things. Because failure or success doesn’t define me. My attempt does.

Sanjeev Rajput


I am a passionate fashion model and blogger . i like to give advice to peoples about fashion grooming . This platform is more focused on providing suggestion ideas about fashion such as: 1 trends 2 hacks 3 ideas 4 grooming 5 improve your personality

Mohit Pandey


I am as simple as the word entrepreneur but deep down have the guts to make it count when the time comes. I like to explore within and influence others more than anything. Thus marketing is my niche. I also love to learn new things because learning is a road that can have turns but no end.

Tejas Kulkarni


Passionate traveller,Reviewer of restaurants and bars,tech lover,everything about data processing,analyzing,SQL,PLSQL,pig,hive,zookeeper,mahout,kafka,neo4j

Shiwani Priya


I love to shape what I think and feel. I like to give advice to peoples about relationship and life. Interested in writing, composing poems, exploring new things.

Anupama Kumari

Anupama Kumari


Being in love with food, yoga, sketching, and fashion, I joined this Internet world full of entertainment. I am a wildcat who take a risk and do what I Love.

It's You


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